Monday, January 08, 2007

holiday games

First of all: I failed totally in becoming independently wealthy during the holidays. The fish was present at my table, but I had to sit there watching, as everybody else on the table took their money, or most of it. I took some of it, but only crumbs on the table of riches, I'm afraid. Did I play badly? Was random chance not on my side? Yes. And no. I didn't play badly, but I clearly didn't play well enough.

Back to the drawing board.

On the bright side I would say I played better than ever, when I played great, even though it didn't yield the desired results. I'm getting better. I make more good decisions, and that, like timing, is crucial. In short: I'm slowly getting where I want to be.

I am a little envious of those making it to the big league after just a few months of playing, though. It has always been an uphill struggle for me, and I suspect it will always be.

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